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A a a o o o o o m mm M: The sound sends spine chilling shivers in everybody, mankind, animals, and birds anything, anybody, and everybody. As the sound thunders across the jungle, everything comes to a standstill. The denizens of the jungle, tend to hold back even their breath to hear and find out which direction did it come from. Such majestic is this voice that it's called the voice of the king of the jungle that rules. This four legged animal, the king of the jungle is the TIGER, Ferocious, Fast and Fickle.

But our National Animal is under immense pressure to survive in his own Jungles now. No, no, he is not scared of any other animal or predator; rather his life is at stake by none else but the most intelligent creatures on this planet. Homo Sapiens.

At the turn of the 20th century the small time province kings thought that it was an honor to kill Tigers. What a pity, a party of human beings entering a Jungle with loaded guns to decorate their own houses. Few decades back it was the myth of Tiger being a man-eater that made his killing a necessity. In the 1960's it was the fashion industry, which thought that the Tiger and Leopard skins should be shown to the world on the ramp, they did not like it in it's own habitat. Finally came the stories from Far East that eating, wearing, keeping a part of a Tiger was a good omen. They still consider Tiger parts to be aphrodisiacs. This has been the last nail in the coffin. Now a country, which boasted of about 40000 Tigers 100 years back, has only about 2500 plus in the roaming the wilds.

It was finally left to the vision of Late Smt Indiara Gandhi our former Prime Minister who decided to form "Project Tiger" in 1972. Late 70's saw the revival of the Tiger. But come the mid eighties and the poachers again got active. But Tiger being such an adaptable cat does not need too many efforts from anyone to survive. Just leave him in his habitat and he is happy.

Today again the situation is very precarious. Poachers have wiped out Sariska National Park, Ranthambhore was close to it but Red Alert was sounded and hopefully Tigers in Ranthambore will be out fearlessly post monsoon this year.

So we at the Nature Safari have made it our motto to take every step to protect the most exotic animal on mother earth.

Our core team at the Nature safari is of thorough professionals from the Hospitality industry and Eco-development communication with decades of experience to support our credentials. For working on this vast canvas of nature and wildlife conservation you need the following:

· Focus
· Consistency
· Motivated workforce

All the above factors working cohesively will for sure Save the Tiger. We boast of such a highly talented team and take much care to see to it that our clients get the best of everything.

To provide proper guidance to our clients and also for proper sightseeing, you need a team of trained trackers who know the habitat of the animal and thus serve the visitor with great aplomb. And no doubt we at Nature Safari prove what we say and give our esteemed visitors the best of professionals who accompany them in the safari.

For visiting the jungle we have quality vehicles to transport our clients for the sightseeing purpose. A fleet of high quality vehicles comprising of jeeps, jongas and 20 seater open canters, take you on a adventurous sightseeing spree into the jungle. These vehicles are well maintained and customized too to give the maximum comfort to our clients.

We take ample measures to curtail any damage to the ambience. We take utmost care to maintain the peace and tranquility of the jungle and we have set parameters for the resorts, which are mandatory for them to maintain. In our effort to develop the region where the resorts are, we provide maximum employment to the local people so that they can earn and develop thereby developing the local economy without causing any kind of catastrophe to the wilderness of the jungle.

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