Welcome To Kingdom of The Tigers

Yellow and Black stripes. Waves of these two colors, on a body full of power and muscle, rowing behind meadows and lingering inside grasslands. While the forest is awfully silent and surroundings lush, your heart is racing at the speed of light. In anticipation of a vision that will enthrall the rest of your life, with months of planning and sometimes years, your eyes search for this one beast, the King, the Shah.

He walks out of the tall grass, giving you a slight peak, a glimpse of his undying grandiose. But he won’t be a tease for long. Tigers are gentleman. He knows you’ve waited long enough for he is the only being that matters to you for the next week or two. He will park himself right in front of your gypsy. Photograph him all you want. Unlike other cats, Tigers love attention and know when paparazzi is around! They pose for you, giving you not one, but multiple bucket shots to remember this splendid journey with.

India has seen these Kings in all their glory. ‘Tiger Trails’ linger with ‘Tiger Tales’. Tales that have been a part of generations of local guides, forest guards and families, all co-habiting respectfully with the jungle.

Take this incredible journey with us. With almost three decades of wildlife safari experience in India, we ensure your trip is tailored to the tee. We want you to take in all the magnificence the Indian Jungles have to offer. Let the Tiger’s roar resound every time you think of your safari experience in India.

Experience Indian wildlife in all its effulgence. The Kingdom of Tigers awaits your presence!


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